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Prices are determined on the number of races the event has, what equipment is needed, and the number of helpers needed. Contact Joe for more information!


Let me tell you briefly what I have to offer.

I presently have a 6 digit, nine inch high display clock which can be used either at the finish line or out on the course. I also have a smaller 5 digit, six inch high display clock which can be used on the course at a mile marker or on the back of a truck.

I also can time and do results using my computerized hand held printer stopwatches and also set up finish chutes for your event.

My workers and I can also organize a race for you!!!

I also have a start and finish banner that may be used at the start and finish line if it can be done.

Plus I have a public address system that can be used for pre race announcements or post race awards ceremonies.

Prices will vary depending on your needs and number of race participants.

Call (570) 233-3125 or email Joe at for more information!!! Call before 8:00 PM or leave a message on the machine.