Carbon County Sector of the Delaware and Lehigh Corridor

Jim Thorpe to Glen Onoko




Jim Thorpe to Glen Onoko - 2.5 miles

This tour begins at the ticket booth of the County parking lot in Jim Thorpe. First you head northwest through the county lot to the old Route 903 bridge (.25 miles) The trail begins on the right hand side under the bridge. The next quarter mile shows a view of the Lehigh River on the right, a field on the left and a view of Pisgah Mountain also on the left. The view almost reminds you of an old western environment. As you continue you now go around several turns and you can see railroad cars and a turntable on the left. At the .9 mile mark you now enter a half mile straightaway and you have railroad tracks and a steep embankment on the left and and a line of high evergreen trees on the right. As you exit that straightaway and now you get to the most beautiful part of this section. You will cross the Nesquehoning bridge and its neighboring trestle (at the 1.5 mile mark). These 2 bridges are the spots for many beautiful pictures by local people and tourists alike. Once you cross these bridges, you enter Lehigh Gorge State Park. At this point for the next half mile you can stay on the trail or get onto the adjoining access road. As you move forward, the Gorge becomes clearer and more beautiful. At the 2.4 mile mark you cross a wooden bridge and you enter the trailhead area at Glen Onoko. There is much parking in this area. If you continue going straight through the parking area and short road, you will come to a yellow gate which marks the 2.5 mile mark. This section of trail is excellent for walking, running and bicycling, especially for beginners and children. In the winter, the section is also excellent for cross country skiing.