Joe Mogilski's thoughts and opinions about recreation in Carbon County


Hi, everyone. My name is Joe Mogilski and I live in Summit Hill, PA which is located in Carbon County in central eastern Pennsylvania. The purpose of this page is to share what I know about recreational opportunities in our area.


I personally feel that Carbon County and the surrounding area is a recreational mecca for all seasons. Many people in our area are either not aware of what our area has to offer or are ignorant of the fact. However for people from out of our area, it is great.

In the wintertime, we have fantastic places to ski, snowboard and snowtube. If you want a quieter environment, you can cross country ski or even fish.

In the spring, summer and autumn, activities really pick up. We have a variety of trails depending on your interests or desires. The Appalachian Trail runs through the southern part of our county and is mainly for hiking due to the rougher terrain. An easier trail is the Switchback Trail which is great for hiking and bicycling. Parts of it are beautiful on which to run, but other sections are a bit more difficult, especially for older runners. The most popular trail is the Delaware and Lehigh Trail, which is great for walking, running and bicycling. Other activities include fishing and swimming, among others.

This is only the beginning of what this site will offer. On other pages, I will describe some sections of the trail of Delaware and Lehigh National Corridor as it runs through Carbon County.